I rent an entire range for this class so family members are the only ones shooting.  We shoot a lot and I teach family members how to coach each other for continued skill development after class is over.  The fees cover members of the same family and frequent visitors to the home (friends, neighbors, etc. up to a maximum of 8).  (I can handle larger groups, but need to bring an assistant instructor so tuition goes up a little.)  The idea is to leave families feeling confident about how responsible they are with firearms in their home.  Those who have taken this course, including children as young as 8, shoot very well by the time we are done.  Younger children benefit from age-appropriate discussions about gun safety, but a family may need to provide for their care when we've saturated their attention span.  Very small children always like shooting the laser guns and quickly learn to handle them safely.  In many cases they also shoot at least one of my small caliber rifles at the range.



My Family Firearms Safety class was developed based on requests from friends with concerns about having guns around other members of their household - especially children.  It wasn't uncommon that a mother and father didn't see eye-to-eye on what was safe or age appropriate.  I didn't think any of the NRA's classes quite fit the bill - so I developed a curriculum of my own.   It has been very well received.  

I generally teach this course in the firearm owner's home.  We focus on safety and proficiency with all three common firearm types (Rifles, Pistols, and Shotguns).  I furnish the firearms unless the household has them.  We spend about 4 hours in the home with exercises on proper handling, storing, transporting, maintaining, and shooting fundamentals.  We also spend a little time on basic personal protection tailored to the owner's particular house layout.  I bring my mobile range with the Laser Assisted Shot Recorder (LASR) system so we shoot with SIRT (laser) guns on real targets before we go to the range.  The tuition ($550) includes all materials, firearm rental, ammo, targets, and range fees.