Here are some other sites you will find valuable.

  •                             Firing Ranges:
  •                                     FT3 Tactical  The nicest range in Orange County

  •                                     Evan's Gunsmithing and Shooter's World  They have a tactical range you can use

  •                             Instruction:
  •                                     AllSafe Defense  TJ Johnston is one of the best firearms instructors in the country.  Former NRA Board Member.  Major contributor to the NRA's Personal Protection books/training programs.  A strong supporter of Second Amendment rights.  He's your guy if you want realistic self-defense training and/or an Orange County CCW after a demanding class that will definately test your skills.  

  •                              Organizations:
  •                                     NRA:  A link to their home page.  Navigate for legislative issues, training, insurance, etc.


    • CALGuns:  They have a number of useful forums and a great search engine so you can quickly find answers to your firearms questions.  They have local chapters with monthly activities.

    •                   Custom Firearm Builds:

  • ​                                     Headhunter Firearms  John and his crew are very easy to work with.  No pressure sales.  They build an amazing Ruger 10/22 for me.  They specialize in custom AR builds.  They can order parts or machine them themselves.
  •                               Firearm Parts/DIY Support:
  •                                      Titan Sporting Group  Daniel and the team at Titan really knows their stuff.  They have a large inventory of parts so you can build your own AR.  The store in Irvine is new and fun to visit.  Lot's to see!  Dan made custom auto parts for years.  He is new to making gun parts, but is a pro when it comes to milling to demanding specs.

                                       Other Great Links:

  •                                             Gun Myths - Debunking Them:  Click to download a free 115-page book in PDF format with no hassle or sign-up requirements. 

CRPA: The premier California firearms organization and the official state affiliate of NRA. They work diligently on your behalf at the capitol and in the courtroom, fighting for your Second Amendment and hunting rights.

California Gun Laws:  To keep up-to-date on what's happening to your Second Amendment rights in California click here!Type your paragraph here.